Full 3D shape captured as naturally as traditional flat video inspection.

Annotate Live 3D Model

Tag real-world features directly on 3D model, ensure coverage, and leave no data behind.

Smooth Integration

ROV3DTM works with existing SD and HD cameras, and can make use of your investment into stereoscopic cameras as well.


ROV3DTM is there when you need it, and gets out of your way when you don't.

You are in control.

ROV3DTM Features

    • Uses existing cameras
    • Real-time 3D reconstruction
    • Live Eventing on 3D Scan
    • Hassle-free integration
    • Enhanced situational awareness
    • Live coverage indicators (leave no data behind)
    • Intuitive 3D model of 3D assets
    • More efficient use of ship-time
  • A limited number of units are available to industry leaders wishing to have access to new, game-changing technologies.Contacts us for details.