slider1slider1 The Most Realistic 3D Experience
Look freely.
Whitecap Scientific's ROV3DTM brings intelligent vision systems to the Remotely Operated Vehicle industry,
enabling pilots to perform faster, safer, with more confidence.

With ROV3DTM the future is faster.
The benefits of first-person viewing:
Reduced time on task.       Increased safety.         Reduced pilot fatigue.
Look about the task area freely, from nearly any vantage point.

You will love being there.

You can discover many benefits and the ease of using ROV3D.

No Head Gear

3D depth perception does not require dim, nausea inducing eye-wear.

With ROV3D, you can look about the scene as naturally as looking through a window.
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Performance Matters

The freedom to look about the task area in real-time allows for safer, faster operations.

Complicated spatial tasks are greatly simplified.
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Smooth Integration

ROV3DTM works with existing SD and HD cameras, and can make use of your investment into stereoscopic cameras as well.
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ROV3DTM is there when you need it, and gets out of your way when you don't.

You are in control.
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ROV3DTM Features

    • Uses existing cameras
    • Hands-free view control
    • Natural motion interface
    • Hassle-free integration
    • No glasses required
    • Pilot customizable settings
    • Three viewing modes
    • Intelligent HUD
    • Encourages movement
    • Minimizes distraction
    • Enhanced spatial awareness
    • Faster task completion
    • Safer field operations
    • Reduced pilot fatigue
    • More efficient use of ship-time
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