Measurable insight
for your subsea operations

ROV3D is the fastest, easiest tool to get 3D answers subsea

Everything in One "3D DVR" Box



Full support for graphical and textural overlays, including live telemetry.



ROV3D Recon provides the features you'd expect in a traditional DVR, and more.

3D Scanner

Yes, a 3D DVR!

Press "Record 3D" and watch ROV3D Recon build up your 3D model live, during inspection.


3D Eventing?

Timestamped video is just so...linear. Annotate 3D model features directly! It's fully cross-referenced to frames in your video.


Live measurement.

ROV3D Recon's built in measurement widgets help you assess the situation, and make decisions, in the field.


Share the results.

ROV3D makes it easy to bundle models, notes, stills, and videos into a standard Adobe PDF file.

Easy integration into your subsea operations

ROV3D Recon helps you avoid the operational overhead of traditional 3D technologies.


Mount two SD or HD cameras side-by-side on any class of ROV. 


Complete online training in two hours. 


Generate 3D data during normal GVI operations.


Review, export, and share 3D findings without post-processing.

How ROV3D Works

ROV3D can calibrate most SD or HD cameras to generate 3D data in real-time. After calibration, ROV3D uses stereo computer vision to match
over 10 million points per second to reconstruct a 3D model that updates in real-time as new features are identified.

Watch ROV3D in Action

See how you can visualize, measure, and share information that is important to your project. 

Right Tool, Right Job

Stay on schedule and on budget

Relying on a “best-guess” isn’t the ideal option for most projects. ROV3D gives your team measurable, real-time confirmation that tasks are completed to spec.

  • Take centimetrically accurate measurements in real-time
  • Monitor visual coverage spatially
  • Share 3D results without post-processing


Get quick answers to tough problems

Some projects don’t come with a best practices guide. ROV3D helps you plan with confidence by delivering timely, relevant information for your unique requirements.

  1. Get two of your cameras to the worksite for measurable results;
  2. Generate 3D data dynamically when station keeping is a challenge or the structure of interest is moving;
  3. Align and compare ROV3D models to monitor change over time.

ROV3D Clients

ROV3D has been delivering real-time 3D answers to global oil and gas companies since 2016.

ROV3D Models

ROV3D models provide < 1cm3 resolution and can be exported from the topside unit, without post processing, in .xyz, .obj, and .u3d formats.

About Whitecap Scientific

Though founded in 2011, our story began earlier, with a butter knife, duct tape, and a busted subsea robot. While conducting subsea surveys in the Baltic, the robotic sonar system our founders were operating detached from its crane hook. 

After hours of watching ROV pilots try to recover the multimillion-dollar piece of kit by aligning a butter knife with a lift shackle, we vowed to make it easier to solve complex three dimensional problems underwater.

Now, thousands of development hours later, the Whitecap Scientific team is dedicated to giving subsea professionals the real-time spatial awareness they need.

ROV3D Recon doesn’t just give offshore teams a real-time 3D perspective, it unlocks the efficiencies and confidence that comes from giving every subsea stakeholder fast, easy to access 3D data.

Global Distribution and Support


You can rent ROV3D Recon topside units
on a day-rate basis from distribution hubs in:

  • St. John’s, Canada
  • Aberdeen, UK
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Singapore
  • Houston, USA
Call us directly to discuss applications or to ask about our new Software Licensing options!

Contact Us

Please contact our client support team to discuss whether ROV3D is the right tool for your next project.

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