Plug and play 3D insight to support your subsea decisions.

ROV3D makes it easy to add 3D measurements and perspectives to your visual inspection operations.

Advanced Software.

Simple Kit.

Adding 3D data capture to your subsea campaign shouldn't be complicated. ROV3D packages cutting-edge computer vision software into a simple DVR solution.


Plug and play 3D insight.

ROV3D eliminates the complexity of adding 3D data collection to your subsea operations.

No Special Sensors

Mount two off-the-shelf cameras side-by-side on any class of ROV.

No Offshore Technicians

Existing personnel complete online training in two hours.

No Workflow Disruptions

Collect data at GVI inspection distances and speeds.

No Waiting for Results

Review and export client deliverables without post-processing.

How ROV3D works.

ROV3D blends stereo computer vision and live video SLAM to transform GVI video into 3D models of as-found structures, findings, and anomalies in real-time.

Video to 3D in Five Simple Steps

Keep up to date with the latest ROV3D videos and case studies.

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Right tool, right job.

Over-specification adds unwarranted complexity and cost to your subsea operations. ROV3D delivers practical measurement results in real-world operating conditions.

ROV3D Model Measurement

More than a 3D sensor.

ROV3D DVRs include a suite of features to enhance and support inspection, survey, and integrity management tasks.

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Live Quality Assurance

ROV3D's live 3D reconstruction makes it easy to assess data quality and monitor inspection coverage.

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Easier Reporting

ROV3D cross-references 3D models, videos, and dive events so preparation of deliverables is simple and intuitive.

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Life of Field Value

ROV3D recorded video can be retrieved and reprocessed to generate 3D data at any time over the life of a field.

ROV3D clients.

ROV3D has been delivering 3D insight to global oil and gas companies since 2016.

About Whitecap Scientific.

At Whitecap Scientific we're creating a world where 3D insight is always available to support subsea decisions. We were the first company to bring live video-based 3D reconstruction subsea, and we've been focused on removing the operational and commercial complexity that prevents subsea professionals from getting 3D insight whenever they need it.

Global distribution and support.

Whitecap Scientific's global partnership with Ashtead Technology means you always have access to local project expertise and logistics support.

Contact us.

ROV3D is the simplest, easiest tool to add 3D insight to your subsea operations. Email us to discuss your campaign requirements or to inquire about our ROV3D licensing options.

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