3D Anode Insight on Short Notice


Lack of as-built information about the type of installed anodes caused persistent ambiguity in tracking anode depletion. Establishing an accurate measure of the current volume of the anodes would establish the required baseline. Facing a short turnaround before an upcoming inspection of the platform at issue, a quick-to-deploy, non-invasive means to collect 3D data was sought.


Luckily, the service provider’s recent success with ROV3D gave them the confidence that it could deliver the desired 3D measurements while fitting within the short turnaround and minimal disruption needed for the established inspection schedule and sensor spread.


ROV3D integration was fast and smooth. Thanks to ROV3D’s ease of use, the crew was able to familiarize themselves with the ROV3D system using pre-recorded training videos, and successfully collected 3D data with confidence. During the collection process, the live feedback assured their ROV team that the data they required was being captured. The task was completed within the existing platform based inspection schedule. Anode depletion can now be reliably tracked from this point onwards.