Better Life Extension Data


Life Extension decision time is no time for subjectivity. Uncertainty in marine growth loading on older structures inhibits accurate structural loading estimates. Yet non-critical data gathering activities often get repeatedly postponed until they become time critical. The client sought an economical and schedule-friendly alternative to gather information about their aging jacket structure to keep ahead of their planning requirements.


ROV3D’s easy to use capability allowed it to be integrated to an existing GVI inspection. Marine growth thickness was calculated by using the outer diameter measurement from the 3D scan of each member segment, inclusive of marine growth, and the design outer diameter of the member, at given water depths.


ROV3D made it possible to collect objective measurements within an existing inspection. Such objective measures can be used to inform structural loading models to estimate how low-, mid-, and high-end variance in marine growth affects risk models, rather than relying on a single model loading parameter based on subjective visual assessment.